That is the Question???


This is one of the biggest questions that buyers have and can also be one of the biggest headaches for sellers. As properties evolve over time by people adding pergolas that become patios, carports that become rooms as well as the additions of workshops, spas, etc. Work is often done without the relevant approvals.
People then sell and buy and presume that everything is approved, never presume!!!

Always obtain a ‘full set of plans’ from your local council prior to going to market. Obtaining this vital information means that owners are fully aware of what they are selling without misleading the buyers. Buyers are then entering into a purchase with eyes wide open and knowing what is or isn’t approved.

Another really good reason to have the plans especially for areas that have septic systems is so that when buyers need to make informed decisions for location of pool, patios, extension or workshops they are then able to plan around them.

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