There is an increasing number of websites that offers a so called ‘FREE’ service to find you the best agent to sell your property. What they don’t tell you is that they charge the agent which you eventually engage with a LARGE fee for the introduction. The way it works is they contact ALL agents within a radius of your property and then they will only give your contact details and property address once the agent agrees to their fee. This cost is passed onto you by the agent when you list your property.

As an agency we do not use these introductions any more as we want to maintain an affordable service to you. You will find all good agents have numerous signs within your selling area and strong internet presence on all major Real estate sites. Talk to your friends and neighbours to see who comes highly recommended and who is truly active in your area.

You want an agency close to home so that they can be on your doorstep within minutes. Local agents are the go-to people for buyers as buyers select the area to live in first. This is why AQWASUN is your best choice as we assist sellers and buyers open doors to their next move.

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