ARE double brick, pitched tile roofs and big porches a thing of the past and “lightweight” homes in vogue? According to the experts, Yes!

Is there a definitive architectural style in Aus- tralia?
One condition in particular that is shaping the Australian residence is people’s awareness of the environment, and the cost-effectiveness of a sustainable abode.

Things such as double glazing, timber or ther- mally broken window frames, PV cells for power, heat pump units for water heating and rainwater tanks are all now becoming normal requests when building.

While many people might like to have a sus- tainable property, the costs are often prohibi- tive, so keep it simple and put in place the base factors you can build on in your home over the years.

While some of the more typical floor plans might be ‘unexciting’, people are in many cases adapting their home’s design as a result of social, economic and environmental con- texts.

We are outdoor people who enjoy socialising so our entertaining and outdoor areas are now as equally important as the indoors.
An emerging style is the two-storey home. The current trend tends to be stone cladding and a double/triple garage.

Its always best to purchase or build a home that suits your lifestyle rather than change your

your lifestyle to suit the home.
Remember when designing/building your own home it is best to be conservative to achieve the best resale value.
If you go for something that is pretty individual internally and externally, you might find that your taste doesn’t exactly match up with what the market thinks, and you might ultimately suffer on resale.

  • Keep away from trends
  • Opt for classical and timeless choices
  • Be efficient with space
  • Introduce site-specific solutions that embrace passive solar design and cross-ventilation
  • Consider informal living areas for specific uses such as a kids’ playroom
  • Create separate zones for the family away from the main living spaces
  • Have an external space, such as patio or alfresco.

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