Why do we renovate?


When our house is just not how we want it to be, we consider renovation. Generally we intend to make our property more attractive, comfortable and valuable. Although it is the value that can be the biggest misconception people can get wrong.

The main two things to consider, are we spending the money to make this house better for us? Or are we spending this money to make the house “worth” more?

If you are wanting the perfect house for you, stop reading now…. Spend away (to hip pocket depths)…. Pick whatever colour or feature YOU like… But remember you may never see a return on that money! Not everyone wants a built in slide from the lounge to the pool or pink fluffy cornices through the whole house! And some of us might not appreciate the difference between an Italian tap and a tap.. No matter the cost though you will get to live in your perfect home for you.

If you are considering moving, selling or renting there are so many more decisions to make and they should not be taken lightly, it is very easy to over capitalise. These are some simple steps to follow to prevent disappointment in today’s market.

1. Get a current valuation on your property based on the houses around you.
2. Work out how much you are able to spend.
3. List all the changes you are thinking to do and get some quotes.
4. Prioritise your list based on the appeal to a wider range of people, ie kitchens, bathrooms or fea-tures that bring the cost of living down.
5. Don’t make it personal, remember aesthetically pleasing to the eye is different for everyone.
6. Run your ideas past your agent before you start.

Nicky’s opinion… “I would personally cost up the renovations to make my home perfect, add the value of my home, and then go house shopping. If I can find the perfect home without it costing more I would sooner move than live through major renovations!!! I say this tongue in cheek due to the fact I have just emerged from dust and debris all through my house after my husband deciding the walls were in the wrong place!!!”
Happy house hunting, folks… Remember we offer a buyers service as well as selling!!!
Because we love to take you shopping :-)

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