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In this issue, we're focussing on the crucial questions you should ask a Property Manager when considering whom to entrust with your investment property. Making the right choice in property management can significantly impact the success and profitability of your real estate investment. What experience do you have in Property Management? Determine how long the property manager has been in business and their track record of success. How many properties does each property manager manage? This question helps gauge the workload of the property manager, and their capacity to effectively manage your investment. How do you handle tenant screening and selection? Tenant selection is critical for property profitability and maintenance. Ask about their screen process, including background checks, credit history and rental references. Ask about how they showcase the property for let & their procedure. How do you handle maintenance & repairs? Ensuring that there is a clear protocol for handling maintenance requests and repairs promptly. Ask about their network of contractors and how they handle emergencies. What's your fee structure? Understand the management fees & any additional charges. Ask about what services are included within their fee structure and if there are any additional costs for paying the properties outgoings on your behalf. How do you handle rent collection & financial reporting? Efficient rent collection is vital for steady cash flow. Enquire about their process for collecting rent and how they handle late payments. Additionally, ask about the frequency and format of financial reports. What is your approach to handling tenant issues & evictions? Understanding their approval to resolve tenant conflicts and the steps taken in the eviction process if necessary. Ensuring they adhere to legal requirements and maintain professionalism. Can you provide references from current clients? Request references from current clients to gain insights into their satisfaction levels and the property manager's performance. Happy clients are a strong indicator of reliable services. Do you have an online portal? Having instant access to our documents & information on your property and tenancy is extremely useful. Are any tasks outsourced by your Agency? Some Agencies outsource aspects of property management such as inspections, viewings, maintenance etc. Are there any other questions that you would ask a potential property management agency / property manager?...

Understanding Property Condition Reports in Western Australia

A Property Condition Report (PCR) is a comprehensive and legally required document in Western Australia that describes the condition of a rental property at the start of a tenancy agreement. Meticulously prepared by a Property Manager or Landlord, this document captures every detail of the premises, including the condition of walls, ceilings, windows, appliances, gardens, and any furnishings provided. It typically includes photographic evidence, ensuring an accurate record is maintained. We here at Aqwasun Estate Agents also use 360 photography to best showcase the properties condition. Under the Western Australia Residential Tenancies Act 1987, a PCR is a legal requirement when leasing properties. This report protects both the tenant and the landlord, serving as a baseline for the property's condition and avoiding disagreements over any damages that may occur during the lease period. Here are some crucial legalities you should keep in mind: Time Frame for PCR: Within seven days of moving in, the tenant must receive two copies of the signed PCR from the property manager or landlord. The tenant then has seven days to review, add comments, sign, and return one copy. Failure to provide an ingoing PCR within the prescribed timeframes is an offence under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and my incur a penalty. Prescribed Format: There is a legally prescribed format that must be used as specified by DEMIRS. This format can be viewed by clicking here. End of Lease Inspection: At the conclusion of the lease, the PCR is used as a reference to gauge any changes or damages to the property. It is crucial in determining how much of the bond is returned to the tenant. Failure to provide a PCR can result in fines for the landlord and may inhibit their ability to claim costs for damages that occurred during the tenancy. Tips for Tenants: Review your PCR thoroughly and edit it within the allowed timeframe if you need to. Make sure your PCR is clear about: items that need maintenance, for example a dripping tap; existing damage to the property, for example if you have noticed a burn mark on a kitchen benchtop; and/or cleanliness (cobwebs etc) If your landlord or property manager do not provided you with a PCR at the start of your tenancy, we recommend completing your own PCR within the first 14 days, including signing and dating it. The PCR is thus an indispensable tool, safeguarding the interests of all parties involved in a tenancy. It allows for fairness when reviewing a property's condition and binds both tenants and landlords to a documented, agreement-based standard of care and maintenance. If you have any further questions or need assistance with your PCR, Aqwasun Estate Agent's experienced and dedicated property manager, Alicia, is more than happy to help. Feel free to contact her on 0459 185 872. Remember, understanding your rights and responsibilities can make all the difference in creating a hassle-free rental experience!...

Preparing for a Successful Home Purchase: Expert Tips from Aqwasun Estate Agents

Preparing for a Successful Home Purchase: Expert Tips from Aqwasun Estate Agents As homebuyers traverse the unpredictable terrain of today's surging property market, financial preparedness is more important than ever to seize timely opportunities. Aqwasun Estate Agents, with their wealth of experience and extensive industry knowledge, shine a light on key strategies to solidify your financial footing before you embark on the journey of buying a home. Managing your expectations Understanding the implications of rising interest rates on your borrowing capacity and subsequent monthly repayments can help set realistic expectations. Amid the fluctuating landscape, it's crucial to reassess pre-approvals and explore alternatives. You may need to consider different price ranges, suburbs, or dwelling types to align with your financial capabilities. Reduce Credit Card and Buy-Now-Pay-Later Debt Credit card debt can significantly dampen your borrowing power. Consider paying off or minimizing your credit card balances, and contemplate closing unnecessary accounts. With lenders increasingly scrutinizing buy-now-pay-later services, it's advisable to settle outstanding balances and avoid using these services prior to applying for a loan. Give Yourself Time Building a robust savings strategy over several months conveys financial stability. Consistency is key - sudden lump sums may not illustrate the same level of financial diligence. Before approaching lenders, review your bank statements and ensure they exhibit responsible financial behavior. Cut the Extras Analysing spending habits can illuminate potential areas for cutbacks. Lenders may scrutinise expenditures, including food delivery services, streaming subscriptions, and even gambling apps. Temporarily scaling back on non-essential expenses can substantially improve your financial standing. Give Your Credit Score a Health Check Credit scores play a role in loan application assessments. Timely bill payments, reducing debts, keeping credit inquiries minimal, all contribute to a healthier credit score. Assess your credit score frequently and initiate improvement strategies if necessary. Go See a Broker A broker can provide personalised guidance, offering a far-reaching understanding of the financial landscape. They can assess your financial situation, recommend adjustments, and connect you with the most suitable lenders based on your circumstances. Embracing these financial preparation steps can put you in a stronger position to secure your dream home. With Aqwasun Estate Agents by your side, you can navigate the complexities of home buying with unwavering confidence. For personalised advice and assistance, contact our expert team today on 08 9537 1220. Your dream home awaits!...

What is PEXA & How will it help us?

?? Are you in the process of buying or selling a property in Rockingham? You may have heard about PEXA, but you're not sure what it is or how it works. Let's break it down! ? PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) is an electronic platform that enables property transactions to be completed digitally. PEXA is designed to simplify and speed up the process of property transactions, making it more efficient and secure for everyone involved. Traditionally, property transactions are completed using paper forms that need to be signed and physically exchanged between parties. This process can be time-consuming, and it can be challenging to manage all the parties involved, including buyers, sellers, banks, and conveyancers. With PEXA, all parties can securely transfer property ownership and funds electronically. It reduces the risk of errors or fraud, and it provides real-time updates, so everyone can stay informed throughout the transaction. Here's how PEXA works: 1️⃣ Your conveyancer or solicitor sets up a PEXA account and invites all parties involved in the transaction to join. 2️⃣ All parties verify their identity and provide any necessary documents. 3️⃣ The conveyancer or solicitor prepares the documents needed to complete the transaction, such as the transfer of ownership and the discharge of any mortgages. 4️⃣ The parties electronically sign the documents within the PEXA platform. 5️⃣ The funds are transferred electronically, and ownership is transferred to the buyer. 6️⃣ The transaction is completed, and everyone involved receives a digital copy of the documents and notifications about the process. PEXA is a game-changer for property transactions, eliminating the need for paper-based processes and making the experience more efficient, transparent, and secure. PEXA is now the preferred method of property transfer in Western Australia, so you can rest assured that your transaction is in good hands. As always, we recommend working with experienced conveyancers or solicitors to guide you through the PEXA process and ensure that your transaction goes smoothly. #PEXA #DigitalPropertyTransactions #EfficientProcess #SecureTransaction #RealTimeUpdates #PropertyTransfer #Conveyancing #Solicitors #RealEstate #RockinghamRealEstate #Aqwasun #AqwasunAdvantage #Ourareaisyourarea...