Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to lease my property?

Regrettably, we cannot provide an exact time frame for this process. However, you can access our latest leasing statistics on REIWA by clicking here.

We take great pride in maintaining low vacancy rates and short market duration for our vacant properties, consistently performing well in comparison to other agencies.


When you find a tenant for my property, how do you qualify them for my property and who decides who is approved?

Each prospective tenant goes through a rigorous vetting process by our Asset Manager, Alicia McCulloch. This process includes:

  • Mandatory completion of a 100-point identification check
  • Comprehensive search through the tenancy database
  • Verification of current and previous rental references
  • Confirmation of current employment details and personal references

Beyond these thorough checks, we also evaluate whether the property corresponds well with the tenant's day-to-day lifestyle needs including their workplace, shopping preferences, school locations, and more. This step is aimed at ensuring tenants quickly adapt to the area and exhibit a longer stay at your rental property.

Ultimately, you exercise absolute control over the selection of tenants. We ensure to present options that meet our stringent selection criteria, enabling you to make the most informed decision.

When do I receive my rent?

Typically, we disburse rent to most of our property owners on the last working day of each month.

That being said, our service is designed with flexibility in mind to cater to our client's preferences. For those who wish, we can certainly arrange for fortnightly or even weekly payment of rents to your chosen bank account.

Do I need Landlords Insurance?

Yes, we highly recommend procuring landlord insurance for your property.

For a nominal premium, the insurance safeguards you and your property against an array of unexpected incidents. The coverage typically includes protection against:

  • Accidental damage or breakage
  • Malicious, deliberate, or intentional damage or vandalism by tenants
  • Public Liability
  • Loss of rental income or theft by tenants

Thus, landlord insurance provides a vital safety net, offering you peace of mind in your property renting journey.


How are rent collection handled?

Tenants are required to pay in advance at all times and pay directly into our Trust Account. As soon as the Tenants are 1 day behind with there rent we phone them to see if there is any issues that have occured, and provide a gentle reminder that there rent is now overdue. If the tenants do not provide a receipt of payment we issue a Breach Notice for Non-Payment of Rent to the tenants. We will also contact you to update y


Can you pay my Water Rates, Council Rates and Strata Levies for me?

Absolutely, we can handle that for you. All we need is your instruction in writing, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you provide me with an End of Financial Year Statement of my property for my income tax return?

Yes, we do facilitate this. We send you an electronic statement for each financial year, ending on 30 June, which can aid in completing your tax return in a timely and accurate manner.


How often are property inspections performed?

Routine inspections are conducted initially 6 to 8 weeks after the commencement of a tenant's new lease. Subsequently, we conduct these inspections every 3 months, or in accordance with your instructions.

If you prefer less frequent routine inspections, we will require written instructions from you. However, we strongly advise you to check with your insurance company before making this decision as it could potentially void your landlord's insurance.

At the forefront of property management technology, we utilize 360-degree cameras and virtual reality software for our inspections. These tools enable us to capture comprehensive and detailed visuals of the property, ensuring every corner is inspected without intrusion.

A 360-degree camera, as the term suggests, allows a 360-degree field of view so that you can capture practically everything around the point of shooting. Coupled with virtual reality software, this tech allows us to virtually navigate through the property, ensuring a thorough and detailed inspection. This innovative approach to property inspections ensures precision, transparency, and convenience for our clients.


What if I want to sell my property?

Yes, you have the freedom to sell your property at any given time. Nonetheless, it's crucial to note that any fixed-term lease currently in place is contractually guaranteed to your tenant.

This essentially means, if someone purchases your property with the intent to reside in it, they must wait until the current tenant's lease concludes, unless there is a mutual agreement otherwise between the new property owner and the tenant. This is to ensure the tenant's rights are respected and met under the standing terms of the lease.