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A seasoned professional within the Real Estate Industry since 2012, Alicia McCulloch brings a level of experience and expertise that has solidified her standing as a leading Investment Property Consultant. With a passion for Property Management brightly burning in her heart, Alicia has spent the last decade honing her craft, relentlessly working towards providing her clients with an exceptional and personalised service.

Alicia is powered by helping people find the best solution for their property investments, and believes that every property, large or small, deserves the best management services. Alicia is known not just for her positive attitude but also her in-depth local knowledge. These two attributes combine to deliver consistently outstanding results. Alicia's success comes through her meticulous attention to detail and strong organisational skills. She understands that providing top-notch property management services goes beyond just taking care of properties; it involves proficient administration and diligent record keeping.

Moreover, she understands that communication is essential in property management. Alicia ensures she maintains regular contact with clients, providing them with updated information about their investments on a consistent basis.

But perhaps, Alicia's greatest strength lies in her ability to listen to her clients. She takes the time to understand their goals, concerns and hopes for their property; and then executes a tailored strategy to meet their unique needs and objectives.

As our Investment Property Consultant, Alicia ensures she is present through each step of your investment journey. From pre-purchase inspections and market research (prior to purchasing an investment property), conducting pre-settlement inspections, marketing your property, securing quality tenants to undertaking everyday management of your investment, Alicia will be there with her expertise and support.

With Alicia McCulloch on your side, be assured that your investment will always be in safe, committed hands. She will not only take care of your property but will also help it flourish under her capable management. Trust Alicia; because she is not just about managing your property, she is about enhancing its value, one day at a time.

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